Wednesday, June 21, 2006

And All the Garden Ladies

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Yesterday our farm hosted two local garden clubs. Jules and I spent most of the weekend prepping for this event and I must say, the farm looked great. This is almost entirely do to Green Thumbs Zickefoose, who can make plain wooden tomato stakes sprout sweet-smelling cascades of flowers. I, on the other hand, contributed merely labor in mowing and weed-whacking and a bit of raking.

The garden ladies (and it WAS almost entirely female--the only males were kids accompanying their moms) oohed and ahhed at Julie's gardens, her bonsai plants, our gazing pond, and landscaping. They stood slack-jawed as Jules told about the phoebes we've been raising (and Julie has been doing paintings of). Perhaps the highlight was when everyone who wanted to do so got to hold tiny nestling bluebirds in their hands.

It's a special treat to share an experience like that.

I am very lucky to have my own garden lady. And I am happy to be her designated weed-whacker.