Tuesday, November 8, 2005


Tuesday, November 8, 2005

If you are a habitue of birding blogs, you undoubtedly know about Sharon Stiteler's Birdchick.com blog. It's a lively, laff-a-minute, frequently updated birding blog that's really worth reading. Sharon's blog today reminded me of a most disturbing trend: Birding Skaraoke.
This sinister and frightening phenomenon has emerged on the birding festival circuit: birders doing karaoke. In previous posts I have mentioned that I have taken part in this disturbing activity in various parts of the Upper Midwest. In one bar, we so dominated the karaoke-croaking regulars that it was asked if we were professional performers. "Nope! We're bird watchers!" was our reply.
BTW, that's Sharon with the red hair, rocking the mic during our October karaoke adventure. Julie and I are shown wearing our protective karaoke headgear. And Jeff Bouton (in the dark shirt), who sings karaoke like no one's watching.
Now, this dastardly crime against the ears of humanity is spreading into southernmost Texas. Harlingen, Texas, is home to The Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival, held each November. If you live in Harlingen, or know someone who does, please, PLEASE, warn them that karaoke-singing birders are coming. We are arriving today and tomorrow. Skaraoke is inevitable. Who knows where we will be "singing" in the area, but one thing is certain, it's gonna hurt some ears.