Friday, November 18, 2005

The Eagle Flies on Friday

Friday, November 18, 2005
After a hectic and frustrating morning at the BWD offices I headed out the door at 1 pm for lunch. I knew I wanted to try to do a bit of bird watching, so I elected to make my first trip up the Muskingum River, to Devol's Dam, to see if any bald eagles had arrived for the winter. On the way I stopped to pick-up lunch at Huck's, a family owned farm-produce store along the river that makes sandwiches and soups at a little deli counter. At least once a week in the winter I'll hit Huck's and then eat my lunch at Devol's Dam, where the bald eagles, a collection of gulls, and a few waterfowl can usually be found. Where is Devol's Dam? At the end of Devol's Dam Road, of course. I like saying that: Devol's Dam Road.

I walked in the door at Huck's, placed my sandwich and soup order, and bantered with the deli gal. Then I realized that I HAD NO MONEY. No wallet, no folded bills, no check book, no credit cards. I ran to the car. $1.46 in change was staring at me from my change holder.

Sheepishly I went back in to the counter and confessed my momentary poverty. Instead of making me wash the meat slicer, the deli gal said "No problem!" and made me out a slip for $4.08. That's one of the benefits of living in a small town.

Alas no eagles, ducks, or even a great blue heron at Devol's Dam. But I'll head back up the river next week to check again. And I'll be sure to stop at Huck's (with money in pocket) for my lunch.