Thursday, January 12, 2006

When Raptors Ruled the Earth

Thursday, January 12, 2006
Hey kids! Let's go back in time, oh, about 2 million years ought to do it... to a time when humans were less "evolved" than we are today. Back when you had more to worry about than your cell phone coverage, how many carbs in that baked potato, and how Dale, Jr. finished at Talladega (OK, bad example). In that time in prehistory, when you painted your blog on the wall of your cave, you also had to worry that you might get killed and consumed by a large raptor.

The Associated Press reports today that recent findings by a South African anthropologist confirm that the smallest prehistoric people of 2 million years ago may have been preyed upon by large raptors--the same birds that were preying upon monkeys. These birds still roam the earth today in the form of the large African eagle species.

Fascinating stuff, this. Check out the full story.

Special thanks to David and Deborah Griffith for the heads -up on this item.