Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Winner of Caption Contest #17

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Let's make one thing perfectly clear: My pal Dr. Steve Banner (pictured above) was NOT nekkid in this photo, though it certainly looks like he is. He is a good sport for sending in this photo along with a note suggesting it as a caption contest image! I'm proud to have Steve, an accomplished birder/tour leader/photographer/nudist wear a BWD bino-harness , regardless of whatever else he is (or is not) wearing.

We got a laundry-basket-full of great captions for contest #17. You can read all of them via the captions link on the original post.

Our extensive and distinguished panel of judges has chosen a winner and it's: Christoph Lange who wrote this caption:

Please read the manual of your GPS device carefully before using it for navigation!

Congrats to Christopher! Please send me your address via e-mail (editor AT so we can send you your fabulous prize.

Several other captions tickled the ribs of our judges, including:

Birding is Fun! said..."Does this bino harness give me man-boobs?"

Zeke Watkins said...(cue Davis Attenborough Voice) "This is the rare elusive Naked Birder. This male individual is seen here bathing and using a tool to search for the even rarer Female Naked Birder. The female has never been documented in the wild. Note the male's solitary lifestyle."

Connie Kogler said...No Butts, No Lory.

cyberthrush said...The new Swarovski binoculars were absolutely superb, though the free thong strap they threw in pinched a bit...

Jeff Bouton said...Thank god for waterproof optics... hope those are Leicas!

Phoebe (: said...What happens when you keep birders out all day without a bathroom.

Rondeau Ric said...Ed Robinson, lead singer for the Canadian band, Bare Naked Ladies, takes up birdwatching.

Thanks to all for playing (or just lurking)! Judging from the traffic that contest #17 received, I need to post more semi-nekkid images here on Bill of the Birds.


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