Friday, July 7, 2006

A Meal of Mealworms

Friday, July 7, 2006
Our farm is something of a bluebird factory. In fact, when people ask us what we grow on our farm, we often answer "Well, last year we fledged more than 50 bluebirds!"

Some folks understand while others merely shake their large heads in a confused way.

We offer a few mealworms all winter long, but normally do not offer this squirmy, high-protein food during the naturally buggy-enough summer months. But these past few weeks Julie has been soft-releasing a pair of eastern phoebes, so we've kept a dish of mealworms out for them.

It did not take the other birds in our yard very long to find the mealworms and make short work of them. The front year pair of eastern bluebirds was first on the scene. Nobody can cram their gob full of mealworms quite as fast as a bluebird. Our front yard male was being urged on this morning by two hungry fledglings sitting on the wire above the mealworm dish.

They were insatiable. Every time their dad would come back with a billful of worms, the youngsters would make the most pitiful sounds (nee-nuu, nee-nuu) and wave their wings, begging for another delivery.

We let the bluebirds finish off the dish of worms, then we cut them off. Mealworms are not cheap. And we're already dipping into the kids' college fund...

A hungry, begging fledgling does his best to look scrawny and helpless for his hard-working dad.

When we weren't looking, the adult male scarfed down a few mealies for himself.


On July 8, 2006 at 8:39 AM Anonymous said...

Do you raise your own mealworms or buy them in bulk?

On July 8, 2006 at 6:22 PM Laughingrat said...

Great pictures and descriptions. Bluebirds make my heart leap. And I never knew the fledglings had such a pretty speckled breast. It reminds me of the Hopkins poem Pied Beauty, that says "Glory be to God for dappled things!"

On July 9, 2006 at 8:33 PM Bill of the Birds said...

We get our mealworms from Healthy, fat, and shipped promptly. We usually get 5K at a time in summer when there are babies to raise.

On July 15, 2006 at 8:47 AM Anonymous said...

You might want to check out for your mealworms. I've been using them for several years and they are cheaper than your source 5k $18 10k $34 these prices do not include shipping--quantities up to 100k! Great service and great product!

On December 10, 2006 at 12:19 AM Anonymous said...

I am sending this email with no intent other than to inform

I just spent the scariest week of my life with breathing shortness ( I could barely walk to the next room without
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Turns out I had a severe and COMMON allergic reaction to my sons mealworm farm.
We have kept mealworms for about a month to not only feed my sons lizards, but to compliment
the sunflower seeds, thistle, suet and other seeds we feed wild birds in our yard.

After 3 hospital visits,
I was properly diagnosed and treated with steroids, I am still a bit short of breath
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I should note, I do not have asthma, and have never smoked.

Tonight I am doing research on this and find it very common

I also found your website stating mealworms are a good food item for birds.

I am not sure I am ready to set out on a campaign to educate the world.

But, I felt when I saw you website I owed it to people to at least share this info. with someone.

You may want to read
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