Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Song in My Head

Thursday, December 13, 2007

When Paste Magazine arrives, I always look to see what is on the CD sampler that comes with every issue. In the two years that I've been subscribing, there has only been one CD that had nothing on it that I liked. Sometimes it takes a few listens to "get" a few of the songs selected by the Paste Mag staff for the CD. Other times there are several good or even great songs (at least to these ears).

I even wrote the editor of Paste a fan letter saying that, as a fellow editor and music fan, I admired his product and wanted to let him know. [We editors get a fair amount of letters outlining things we've gotten wrong or things that made readers mad, so it's nice to get a letter full o' kudos every now and then.] No reply from Ed Paste yet.

I have been accused of being a musical snob. Guilty as charged! I know what I like.

My friend Lisa once told me she could tell whether I'd like a song or not "because there's a certain something similar in all the songs you love." Hmmm. Is that good or bad?

The latest Paste Sampler CD [#38] has one good song and one great one. The good one's charm has worn off already. It's the great one that's been in my head this past week.

The Song in My Head

"I'll Follow You Tonight"
by Anna Ternheim

This song is haunting and beautiful. Perfect music for a dreary winter afternoon. I'm glad it's the song in my head right now.

Anna Ternheim is a Swedish singer/guitarist/songwriter who's already hit the big time in Sweden (just like another recent fave of mine Jose Gonzalez). She's been on tour this year, opening most recently for Ohio's own Joseph Arthur for his U.K. shows.

Want more info?
Anna Ternheim's My Space page. And her official website. And her wiki-nod.
On her website, click on Music, scroll down to "Ill Follow You Tonight" music video to see her sing about half this lovely song.


On December 14, 2007 at 1:29 AM Trixie said...

YAY! I completely agree on that pick! snoids we are.