Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Blissful Morning of Birding

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

There's no better combination than a good cup of coffee, a beautiful misty morning, some birding pals, and lots of migrant birds. Two weekends ago, JZ (the artist/author/spouse, not the rapper/movie star) and I took Phoebe and Liam for a weekend adventure at Herrington Manor State Park in westernmost Maryland. We met pals Joe & Tami and Howard & Marta. Both couples also have two offspring, so it was a multi-family confab. And it was mondo fun, too. Lots of laughs, swimming, games, too much eating, and not really any serious hair pulling or shin kicking.


Howard (of Howard and Marta) is Howard Youth, newly minted BWD Field Editor, and top-flight bird dude. Hobes, as we call him, is one of our fave birding pals. We enjoyed two truly excellent mornings of birding around the main grounds of the park, catching sight of loads of warblers, including Cape May, bay-breasted, blackpoll, black-throated green, black-and-white, northern parula, Tennessee, Blackburnian, palm, yellow-rumped, chestnut-sided, redstart, common yellowthroat, and Nashville.

Pictured are JZ and Hobes, in the misty morning air at Herrington Manor.

Bye for now,